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    By: admin- Jun 22, 2017

    From sedans to coupes, theres nothing we dont love about the Mercedes S63 AMG. The revised styling is absolutely perfect as it maintains that luxurious feel while providing a nice sporty touch. When we designed our FL25 wheel, we knew that one of the must have applicaitons would be the Mercedes S63. This is the first coupe version we have been lucky enough to work with, and it turned out amazing. The multispoke mesh design was a instant hit as it just flowed perfectly with the S63, whether it was the sedan or the coupe. This particular set was custom ordered in our gloss lumiere grey finish and adds a bit of depth to the design which paired nicely with the silver trim accents on the Mercedes.

    PUR FL25 | 22x9 | 22x10.5 | Gloss Lumiere Grey