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    By: admin- Dec 11, 2017

    It's been a long time coming but we finally have our wheels on the brand new Ford GT. This beast of a supercar is sure to excite your senses with its vibrant yellow paint, unmistakable lines, and violent exhaust note. The PUR RS10 was selected for the Ford GT based on its classic design style and lightweight monoblock forging. The wheels were carefully measured to a staggged 20x9 and 20x12 fitment to provide all the grip the Ford needs on and off the track. When it came to finishing the wheels there were really only two options, lumiere grey or gloss black. Between the two finishes we ultimately went with lumiere grey to provide a significant amount of contrast between the body and the wheels. Lumiere grey also allowed the detail in the spokes to pop a bit more than what gloss black would show. You can be sure to catch this Ford GT at a race track near you as it is a true globetrotter.

    PUR RS10 | 20x9 | 20x12 | Gloss Lumiere Grey