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  • Hyper Power

    By: admin- Aug 10, 2016

    For hyper cars such the Porsche 918 Spyder, it can be extremely difficult to equip it with a set of wheels that looks right at home. When we were approached to engineer a set, we really though about what would work the best. Seeing that the factory wheel feature a multispoke full face design, we wanted to open up the space to showcase the impressive brakes on the 918. With that in mind, we started measuring out the caliper clearance to ensure the wheels would fit 100% without any issues. After some time in the machine shop, out came this set of RS23.M2, which were finished with a gloss black diamond face and gloss black diamond inner barrel. The wheels reuse the factory tires but feature a much more aggressive fitment that truly emphasizes the wide arches and lines of the 918 Spyder.

    PUR RS23.M2 | Gloss Black Diamond Face | Gloss Black Diamond Inner Barrel