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  • Bianco Canopus

    By: admin- Aug 26, 2016

    The idea of colour matching wheels has been around for longer than we can recall. Transitioning from car to car, scene to scene, colour matching your wheels has spread across all the builders platforms. With a Lamborghini Huracan on the table, we started by engineering a set of LX23's in our 'V3' configuration to the exact specs needed for the wheels to sit flush. We opted for a 50/50 exposed hardware look to space out the gap between each bolt. The most difficult task of it all was matching the matte bianco canopus white. In the end, the step lips were completed to the exact finish while the faces were finished in gloss black just to break up all the white. 

    PUR LX23.V3 | Gloss Black Face | OEM Bianco Canopus Step Lip