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  • Top Notch

    By: admin- Dec 01, 2016

    We have always been the biggest fans of everything our good friends at Reinart Design put out. Their work is always top notch and they have the utmost attention to detail. Their latest build focuses on creating a Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 spyder. We love the fact that they chose to finish the car with a matte black exterior, it just makes it that much more sinister looking. For the wheels, they selected our LX22 design with our 'V3' forging profile. To keep the sinister theme going, we finished the wheels with a matte black face but spiced up the step lips just enough with a gloss chrome bronze finish. The combination still maintains that dark sleek look with just a hint of color.

    PUR LX22.V3 | Matte Black Face | Gloss Chrome Bronze Step Lip