Encountering A Ghost

MAY 21, 2019

Sometimes you just know when you have a good thing going. In this case, we knew right away that the RS37.V2 was the perfect design for any Rolls Royce application. The full face creates a classic luxurious look that compliments the large exterior. The two tone finish is essential in really showcasing the true layout of the spokes as most of the detail can easily get lost if it was entirely finished in gloss black. With the factory floating center cap installed, it really makes the RS37.V2 feel even more at home. Engineered in a staggered twenty two inch fitment the wheels were mount and balanced with a set of Pirelli tires. After some minor suspension adjustments, the Rolls Royce Ghost was ready to head off onto the open road. 

PUR RS37.V2 | Gloss Brilliant Silver Face | Gloss Black Window