Killer Instinct

OCTOBER 25, 2019

The term ‘jaw dropping’ seems fitting in this situation, as that’s exactly what happened when this Ferrari 488 Pista rolled up in front of us. The styling, sound, and overall finish were what our childhood super car dreams were formulated from. We had one very clear task, and that was to only enhance and upgrade the wheels to the best of our abilities. There’s nothing worse than when the aftermarket wheels do not exceed the factory wheels. Normally we like to jump up a diameter when it comes to upgrading the wheels but this time around we felt the factory twenty inch diameter looked just right. It fit the performance oriented look that the 488 Pista had going on. With that decided we got to work on making a set of PUR FL26’s that would eventually make its way onto the 488 Pista. Finished in matte black, the wheels blend in perfectly with the 488’s styling and in our opinion look absolutely killer in person. 

PUR FL26 | Matte Black