Looking The Part

FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Racecar inspired, this Lamborghini Aventador definitely looks the part. Built by our friends at Infinite Motorsports in Thailand, the Aventador was fitted with the ever so popular Liberty Walk wide body kit. It was then wrapped in a three tone livery of yellow, red, and black. To complete their build, they needed a wide set of three piece wheels that featured a unique look to match the rest of the car. Thus, the limited edition PUR LX12.V2 was created to fill that void. This particular set of LX12.V2’s feature a larger than normal lip size due to the concave face and lower offset needed. They also feature the distinct carbon fiber blades that really set the wheel over the top. Enjoy the photos below!

PUR LX12.V2 | Gloss Black Face | Gloss Black Lip