SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

Earlier this year we developed the PUR RS37.V2 as a dedicated wheel design made exclusively for Rolls Royce applications only. Having had the chance to install the wheels onto other Rolls Royce models, it was finally time to equip the brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan. The Cullinan has such a commanding presence that we could not just stick to the factory twenty two inch diameter, we had to go bigger. The only reasonable choice was to with a set of twenty four inch wheels. So far for all our RS37.V2 sets, we have gone with the two tone combination of gloss brilliant silver and gloss black and it was worked of phenomenally. The finish combination just exudes luxury and elegance so it was a no brainier to continue with it. Mounted on the Cullinan with the factory floating center caps, the wheels have yet again proven to be one of the best choices for any Rolls Royce application.